2016 Taiwan Cycling Festival Series
2016 Taiwan KOM Challenge

For cyclists all over the world, climbing high altitudes into the mountains represent the greatest of challenges, which not only represents a destination to be reached, but also the very spirit of this wonderful sport – reaching the top.

Here in Taiwan, we have one of the world’s greatest epic climbs, the Taiwan King of Mountain Challenge. This year we already held two non-elite “Road to the Taiwan KOM” Challenges to meet the growing numbers of riders who want to meet this epic challenge.

The Taiwan KOM Challenge starts from Hualien’s Qixingtan passing through the spectacular Taroko Gorge, then climbing to Taiwan’s highest passable road apex atop Route 14A to Wuling Pass. The route begins at sea level on the eastern coast then up to 3275 meters. This 105 km route will be a test even for the world’s most elite riders.

The route takes riders through several different climate zones from torrid to subtropical to temperate, then finishing in possible frigid temperatures around 5-10˚C. The gradient starts at a simple 0-2% for the first 20kms and then turns into a steady 6% average gradient until the final 9.5kms, and then the real challenge begins. Riders will traverse gradients from 10-22% as they pitch hurricane sea hairpin curves to the finish line.

Stunning views await the rider as they climb through the Taroko Gorge and as the riders enter into the Hehuan Mountain scenic area there is a vista that opens up to offer a birds-eye view of the surrounding landscape in the closing kilometers. It truly is exceptional race making the Taiwan KOM Challenge one of the greatest climbs anywhere in the world.

British rider, Lee Rodgers, writing in 2011 after completing the race in 4th place, had this to say about his experiences of the Taiwan KOM Challenge: “Riding to the top is like a pilgrimage. It was, in the end, breathtakingly beautiful and yet incredibly tough. Everyone who finished that day is a hero. Plain and simple, this is a race that more people should know about, because it is absolutely unique. To those thinking of taking a trip to Hualien and the Taroko Gorge: this area is astonishingly beautiful and I thoroughly recommend a trip there. Breathtaking, in every sense!”

Director: Ministry of Transportation and Communication R.O.C., Tourism Bureau MOTC R.O.C., HuaLien County Government, NanTou County Government.

Organizer: Taiwan Cyclist Federation

Assistant: Directorate General of Highways R.O.C., DongShih Forest District Office

Date: Oct 28th, 2016 (Friday)

Start Line: Hualien Qixingtan (on the eastern Taiwan coastline of the Pacific Ocean.)

Route:Hualien Qixingtan→Taroko Bridge→Route 8→Tianxiang→Xinbaiyang→Bilu Sacred Tree→Guanyuan Gas Station→Dayuling→Route 14A→Wuling Pass. Total Distance: 105km, Elevation: 3275 meters.

Feed Zone and Check Point: All point with water/medical/toilet services except Dayuling

Item/Place Xibao Xinbaiyang Bilu Sacred Tree Guanyuan Dayuling Wuling
Distance/km 46.1 64.8 79.4 90.7 94.9 105
Altitude/m 915 1644 2150 2374 2565 3275
Event closing time 11:00 12:30 13:30
Note Official feed zone Official feed zone Warm keeping car,
Mechanical services,
Team and official feed zone
Warm keeping car,
Team and official feed zone
Event close check point Finish medal,
Top ranking award ceremony,
Lunch box,
Time chip return and deposit refund, take back personal bag, transportation service in KunYang
Team cars only allowed feeding at Bilu Sacred Tree and Guanyuan Gas Station.
Finish area all team cars can only permitted to park at Kunyang parking lot. No team cars are allowed to park in Wuling finish line area.

Event Schedule

  • Oct. 27th, 2016 (Thursday):
    14:00: Teams and riders’ check-in at the Hualien Parkview Hotel.
    15:00: Welcome Party and Riders Pre-Race Notice at the Hualien Parkview Hotel.
  • Oct. 28th, 2016 (Friday):
    05:30: Riders sign-in and check-in their day bags at the assembly point (Hualien Qixingtan Beachside Park)
    06:10: Opening Ceremony
    06:30: Race Start (the first 18kms is a warm-up, official timing starts immediately after the left turn off the Taroko Gorge Bridge – a details will be published in the official brochure)
    10:15: First rider ETA at the finish line.
    11:00: Bilu Sacred Tree check point closed.
    11:00: GC top 6 photo shooting at Wuling finish line.
    12:00: All award ceremonies held at Kunyang parking lot.
    13:30: Wuling finish line closing time. The time limit is 6.5 hours after the flying start point.
    18:00: The riders’ dinner in Parkview Hotel Hualien.

Rider Qualifications

  1. Riders must be 16 years old or above, and capable of finishing the route in 7 hours.
  2. Total riders: 600 (300 riders for foreign/local riders, respectively.)
  3. Riders who rode this event.
  4. The organizer invites world-class elite male and female KOM riders to join this event.
  5. Any rider who has had a positive result from a doping test in the past will not be allowed to compete in the Taiwan KOM Challenge.


  • Elite: 19 years old and above (born before 1997)
  • M16: 16 - 19 years old (born 1997-2000)
  • M20: 20 - 29 years old (1987-1996)
  • M30: 30 - 39 years old (1977-1986)
  • M40: 40 - 49 years old (1967-1976)
  • M50: 50 years old and above (born before 1966)
  • Women: 16 years old and above (born before 2000)

Entry fee: 5000 NTD per rider.

Entry fee covers: Insurance fee, finisher’s medal, finisher’s certificate, event T-Shirt, event cap, event water bottle, event backpack, race handbook, 10/27 welcome party, 10/28 feed zone supply/daily lunch, 10/28 riders’ dinner in Hualien. (If you want to buy additional items please refer to the souvenir order list.)

Shuttle Bus Transportation Service :

  • Oct. 27th Thu. 10:00 (Bus A) Taipei main station transportation → Hualien Parkview Hotel.
  • Oct 28th Fri. 14:00 (Bus B) Race day (Downhill) transportation: Finish line parking Kunyang → Hualien Parkview Hotel.
  • Oct. 29th Sat. 09:00 (Bus D) Hualien Parkview Hotel → Taipei main station.

Race Day (Downhill) Transportation (Bus B):
Oct. 28th Fri. 14:00 Finish line parking in Kunyang – Hualien Parkview Hotel
Price: 2,000 NTD (1 person and 1 bike)

Transportation Package : 6,000 NTD for Bus A + Bus B + Bus D..

Full Package : 14,000 NTD for Transportation Package plus 10/27 & 10/28 Parkview hotel night stay..

Any rider who doesn’t have a team car must take the “Race Day Transportation Bus B” back to Hualien.
For team or group entry riders, the organizer offers a customized tour service. Please contact:

Timing chip: The Taiwan KOM Challenge will use the Japanese J-Chip system for official timing. Riders are required to deposit 1,000 NTD for the sensor chip at the event check-in, which will be refunded in Kunyang after the race once the chip has been returned. In case of a lost sensor chip, the 1,000 NTD deposit will not be returned, so please keep the sensor chip properly.

Registration: Please check the “On Line Registration” on The registration period is open from now until 2016/9/30, or until the entry application limit of 500 riders has been reached.

**For event insurance, please send a scan copy of your passport by email or fax after registration together with your order number provided by the registration system.

Accommodation & Transportation Service: Please check event official website.

The NTD prize awards are as below:





























Total/NTD 2,410,000



  1. According to Taiwan tax law, a local citizen or resident card holder who wins prize money over NT$ 20,000 must pay 10% tax, a foreigner must pay 20% tax. Tax money will be deducted from prize money.
  2. Rider who has been tested positive for doping will not be allowed to compete in the Taiwan KOM Challenge.
  3. Riders selected for drug testing will not be awarded prize money until verification of drug testing. If a rider tests positive, no prize money will be awarded and their result will be nullified. Furthermore, they will be banned from all future Taiwan KOM competitions. If a rider's doping test result is positive, his/her placement and prize money will not be awarded to the next placing rider.
  1. GC top 6 placed riders will be awarded trophies and prize money, and the first placed rider will be award the Taiwan KOM champion jersey.
  2. Top 6 placed female GC riders will be awarded trophies and prize money, and the first place rider will be awarded the Taiwan KOM female champion jersey.
  3. Top 6 placed Taiwan GC riders will be awarded trophies and prize money, and the first place rider will be awarded the Taiwan KOM female champion jersey.
  4. Top 6 placed Team GC teams will be awarded trophies. The placings will be decided by the times of the first three riders from each team.
  5. The most aggressive rider will be awarded the Taiwan KOM - Most Aggressive Rider jersey.
  6. To promote the participation of foreign riders in the Taiwan KOM Challenge event, we will award to the best-placed rider from the countries or region which has 15 or more riders participating in this race the special Taiwan KOM - Friendship jersey and trophy.
  7. Every age category’s top 6 placed riders will be awarded trophies.
  8. All riders who finish the race within the time limit will be awarded with a finishing medal and a finishing record certificate.

Doping Test:

  1. The Organizer will select, at their discretion, any rider from any category to undertake a doping test at this event (the method of sampling will be announced in the riders meeting and race handbook. Riders must follow the rule of the doping test with no objection, or the Organizer will cancel that rider’s race position and any and all prize money.
  2. The doping test will be carried out by the Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee, the sample will be sent to an authorized testing laboratory in Japan. It will take about three weeks to confirm the result (includes the EPO test).
  3. The Organizer will not accept riders who have previous records of doping as participants in the Taiwan KOM Challenge.

General Notice:

  1. This event is strictly prohibited participants riding down the hill back to Hualien or onto Puli. The organizer is not responsible for any accident after participants cross the finish line. Riders are to use team cars and/or other support vehicles. If riders have no support vehicles, the organizer provides shuttle service back to Hualien (please check the event web site).
  2. Riders are required to use the official KOM backpack (included as part of the entry fee) for their day-bag check-in. The KOM backpack day-bags will be transported to the finishing area at Wuling for post-race personal articles (**Note: pack a change of warm clothes).
  3. Falling rocks in Taroko Gorge are a hazard. Riders are requested to consider these risks before deciding whether to participate in this event. Riders will be required to sign a risk consent form before taking part in the event.
  4. Liability insurance is offered for this race and only covers an accident caused by the organizer during the event. That means, according to Taiwan law, the insurance only covers the race or accident during the event that is caused by the organizer's mistake or remissness. Any personal health issues during the race or any riding injury caused by a personal health problem will not be covered by the insurance. Riders who have a personal health problem/issue should not attend this event. If riders wish to have increased or have additional insurance coverage, riders should purchase additional personal insurance to cover any risks during this event.
  5. Local riders and foreigners with a Taiwan resident card should carry their Taiwan Health Insurance Card during the race. Foreign riders should carry an identification card and medical information card. If medical attention is required, carrying these forms of identification will assist in processing immediate/urgent care and insurance claims.
  6. Any rider with health issues, or history of health issues such as hypertension, cardiovascular disease, heart disease, diabetes, epilepsy and/or asthma, are not advised to participate in this event.
  7. The Organizer has the right to terminate or pause the event if there is deemed to be any risk to the rider’s health and/or route safety. Riders and any other attendees must abide by this decision.
  8. All riders must ride standard “road bikes” with down curved handle bar and fitted with a full braking system of front and rear brakes. Both front and rear lights MUST also be mounted for riding through tunnels, while some of which are without illumination. Jerseys cannot be sleeveless. Cycling helmets are mandatory.
  9. Riders must ride on the right side of road at ALL times. Riding against the flow of traffic on the left side is prohibited and will result in immediate disqualification.
  10. All riders are responsible for the effective and safe working condition of their bicycles. Any rider on a bicycle deemed unsafe by the Organizer will not be allowed to start the event.
  11. Male competitors must not offer any sustained unsportsmanlike assistance or support to female competitors in a way that might affect the outcome of the race. This especially includes deliberate pacing by means of drafting and/or riding alongside. If any infringement is spotted by a race official then both riders will be handed a DNF sanction. In the case of this behavior being reported to race officials by other competitors, the race organizers reserve the right, once a judgement has been made, to impose the DNF penalty.
  12. There will be 3 check points in this event. Riders that fail to pass the check points within the designated time limits will be disqualified from the race.
    1. Bilu Sacred Tree: 11:00
    2. Dayuling: 12:30
    3. Wuling: 13:30
  13. There are four feeding zones, at Xibao, Xinbaiyang, Bilu Sacred Tree and Guanyuan Gas Station. Riders should slow down and ride to the far right of the road to take supplies.
  14. Team cars can feed riders only at two feed zones: Bilu Sacred Tree and Guanyuan Gas Station. Dynamic feeding on the course or feeding outside the feed zones is prohibited and could lead to a time penalty or disqualification from the event.
  15. Only the GC top 6 photo shooting will be held at Wuling. All award ceremonies will be held at Kunyang parking lot.
  16. The ‘back marker’ race commissar has the right to terminate the participation of any racer who has fallen behind the peloton too far. Riders finding themselves in this situation will be picked up by the Broom Wagon.
  17. Riders who pass the finish line in Wuling must follow the following procedure: get their finish medal, retrieve their personal backpack, (selected riders taking the doping test), then riding down the hill 2 km to Kunyang parking lot to return their chip and claim their refund deposit money. Team cars and official transportation cars will be parked in Kunyang for return to Taipei, to Hualien, or to Taichung.
  18. All entry information offered by rider must be correct, if it is not correct, the rider will be personally responsible for all results caused by the incorrect information.
  19. In the case of typhoons, other extreme weather conditions or a local government suspension of traffic on HeHuan Mountain, the Organizer retains the right to delay, terminate or postpone the event, change the time limit of check points, to alter the route at any time. In the event of such cases, all information will be forthcoming at the appropriate time.
  20. The organizer has the right to publish or share all videos, photos, race information and race results related to this event with media, internet, and various promotional venues. Attendees and riders must agree to the right of the organizer to use all materials for future promotions and future advertising.
  21. Please be mindful of our environment, please do not litter and dispose of trash properly.
  22. Please periodically visit the Taiwan Cyclist Federation website, Taiwan KOM website and/or Taiwan Cyclist Federation Facebook page for any additional information and updates.

Added Service:
Accommodation & Transportation Service:
Riders from foreign countries please check the “2016 Taiwan KOM Challenge Transportation / accommodation booking”. Please check

Taiwan Cyclist Federation/ Tel: +886-2-89193595/ Fax: +886-2-89193311
Web: E-mail:
Address: No.17, Ln.100, Sec. 2, ChungXing Rd., XinDian Dist., New Taipei City 23146.

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