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Comfortable, relaxed and leisure

Juniper has a long history of hat making, starting in 1974 with hat production and establishing its brand in 2015. For more than seven years, Juniper has not only made people feel the embrace and relief of nature, but also gave them a positive and fearless attitude to survive in any environment with positive energy!

48 years of hat expertise has made the brand of more than 7 years give people the impression of being a hat expert in various fields; Our products give people a sense of care, bring you outdoors, and enjoy the embrace of nature all the time.

The diversity of outdoor activities also allows us to continue to make breakthrough self-development in various fields. From the original hat, we extend the products around the outdoor areas. Besides, the "sense of care" has always been the core of our brand. Our attitude is "positive and positive, fearless of hardship". Regardless of how the field changes, our core values will never change.

Hence, we believe that "a sense of care", "positive and positive, fearless of hardship" can inspire us more new inspiration, so we have created the most comfortable products in various outdoor activities, bringing a different taste of life;This is why we exist.

Just follow Juniper! Integrate Juniper into your life.