2018 The Road to Taiwan KOM-Spring : Registration start now!

How about a no-pressure riding experience on the world famous “Taiwan KOM Challenge” route?
As the “Taiwan KOM Challenge” has becoming more well known by cyclists worldwide, many riders are dreaming of riding the same route as the professionals and elite amateurs do but feel daunted by the prospect of having to compete with these experienced riders, or be willing to experience the route in a more “tourist” style.

Thus, we present “The Road to Taiwan KOM”. Come experiencing the amazing beauty of Taroko Gorge and HeHuan mountain, and the awe-inspiring sense of achievement of riding up the very same route as in the Taiwan KOM Challenge, and take anything up to 9 hours on a fully supported ride to do it.

From 2016, “The Road to Taiwan KOM” will be held two times a year, Spring and Summer, respectively.
“2018 The Road to Taiwan KOM - Spring”, scheduled on April 23rd, will give you the opportunity to take the “Taiwan KOM Challenge” at your own pace, and to take home the incredible experience of riding the route of one of the hardest bike race in the world.

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